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Image Management

Omar Upegui R.
Yesterday was a good day. I continued my learning program on image management, using Photobucket as my "guinea pig". As I indicated in my yesterday's post, I would try transferring multiple photos from my computer's hard disk to My Album in Photobucket. Well, I did it in groups of five in an effort of not overloading my Internet connection. My computer behaved beautifully and so did Photobucket's server. I have 50 photos in My Album. Today, I will complete the photo transfer and start my next exploration. It pertains to setting up a new blog link so I can link My Album to LiveJournal. According to the tutorial, this will allow me to link photos from Photobucket to my Livejournal posts. I'm so excited, because this has been my main goal when I joined Livejournal.

I'm also interested in making a post about something I learned yesterday about Firefox which speeds up finding information within a web page. I'll do that in Mozilla's community.

Read today about the death of Peter Jennings of ABC World News. He died of lung cancer. He was only 67 years and on the high crest of his career. After the departure of Tom Krakow and Dan Rather, Jennings was the only remaining active news star anchors. I have seen Jennings so many times on television, that I had the impression he was a close friend. This is sad news for many of his fans. An era of high-rating news anchors has ended.

Having said that, I'll start reading Photobucket's tutorials before starting my linking stuff.

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