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Internet Explorer Market Share Decreases, Firefox Increases

Yesterday I published a post about a new release of Firefox evolution plan known as Bon Echo Alpha 2. Eventually, when the product is ready for mainstream use, it will be called Firefox 2. It's expected that Firefox 2 will hit the streets on late September or early October. Down the road, Firefox 3 is planned to be released during the First Quarter of next year 2007. BTW, yesterday I found out that security patch will be available next week. As you can see, Mozilla has a clearly defined path for continuous improvement. This is the reason why I love Firefox as well as millions of Web browser users.

Yesterday it was all over the Internet--the latest Web browsers' market share statistics. I promised you would learn about it here. As expected, Mozilla Firefox market share continued it's upward trend while Microsoft is heading South. Almost everyone knows by now about the tough competition going on between Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox with its supporters when it comes to the Internet browsers market. Well, it seems that the latter one is slowly but surely gaining more ground.

I depend on my statistics on two web analytic companies; Net Applications and OneStat . However, I have to admit that I prefer Net Applications numbers better. Probably because I have used them for a longer period of time. It's a matter of habit.

According to web analytics firm Net Applications, Firefox market share continued to rise during April for a 10.68% (about 0.63% over March results), while Internet Explorer dropped 0.82% in the same time.

OneStat, released its own results that indicate the same trend: Firefox up to 11.79%, Internet Explorer down to 85.17%, globally. In the United States, Firefox 12.81%, Internet Explorer 82.47%.

"It's interesting to see that global usage share of Mozilla is higher in the USA and Canada as in other countries in the world and that the global usage share of Apple's Safari is still growing," said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of OneStat.

1. Net Applications - Browser Market Share for April and March, 2006

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1. Microsoft Internet Explorer: 83.88% - 84.70%
2. Mozilla Firefox: 10.68% - 10.05%
3. Netscape: 1.06% - 1.05%
4. Mozilla Suite: 0.33% - 0.34%
5. Opera: 0.56% - 0.54%
6. Safari: 3.30% - 3.19%
7. Other: 0.19% - 0.13%


a. On April Microsoft Internet Explorer's market share decreased 0.82%
b. On April Mozilla Firefox's market share increased 0.63%
c. On April Safari's market share increased 0.11%
d. On April all the rest browsers' market share remained more or less the same.

2. Top Browser Market Share Trend for January to April, 2006

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer: 85.31% - 83.88%
2. Mozilla Firefox: 9.50%- 10.68%
3. Safari: 3.00% - 3.30%
4. Netscape: 1.17% - 1.06%
5. Opera: 0.52% - 0.56%
6. Other: 0.50% - 0.52%


a. During 2006 Microsoft Internet Explorer lost 1.43% global market share.
b. During 2006 Mozilla Firefox gained 1.18% global market share.
c. During 2006 Safari gained 0.30% market share.
d. During 2006 Opera only gained 0.04%. This web browser just doesn't move!

J. Eric Smith made the following pertinent comments on Geek.com regarding the battle between Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox:

"IE 7.0 aims to bring IE back up to parity with Firefox, but there's still turmoil on who will be able to use it. Microsoft has a long history of abandoning owners of older software versions, which is obvious because the company derives profit from moving users off those older versions. Firefox doesn't force this on people, and that's going to make it mighty attractive for legions of Windows 2000 and Windows XP users who will either delay or forego upgrades to Vista. Microsoft ignores this user base at its peril, but then again Redmond doesn't exactly have a history of knowing when it needs to feel scared.

If Firefox continues to improve and gain share, or if IE 7.0 is more dud than bombshell, Microsoft might finally have a good reason to get scared."

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